Beautiful Web Glossy Button

How to Create Web Glossy Button in Advance level. I will Show you the Step and Screen Shoot of the Glossy effect Here is the Final Image. It is only newer version of adobe photo shop cs3 please first double clicking the icon of the adobe to run it then get started to learn.

1. First Create a new Canvas in (200 px height) and (400 px width) fill it the black color and rounded rectangle shape tool to create a rounded box like shown below.

2. Go to the layer palette and Double Clicking the Shape layer to access the Blending mode apply the gradient like shown below.

3. In the blending option select the (Stroke) setting up like shown below.

4. In the Setting below apply the (Inner Glow).

Here is the Final Glossy Button With Text.

I Hope you enjoy this tutorial creating the web glossy button


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