Adobe PhotoShop Cs3 Logo Creating

Here come a new logo creating tut.

In this tut i will show you how to creating a adobe photoshop cs3 new logo from scratch different techniques used i created this logo.

Now i will give you the step by step tut of that logo how to create that very nice logo.

Here is the Final One In the end of Tut.

1. Double clicking a background layer to get out of the lock front of it. Create a new canvas and fill it with Filter>> Texture>> Texturizer

2. Choose Craquelure i we highlighted it red then in the right side of the dialog box copy all the setting will i do.

3. Next With Type tool enter Adobe Photoshop only in the right side Character palette choose same setting for this kind of tut shown below.

4. Create a new layer name it Cloud set it top of all layers.

5. Reset the color by hit on the ( D ) key on the keyboard apply the Filter>> Render>> Cloud

6. Make sure cloud layer still selected go to the Layer>> Create Clipping Mask (Alt+Ctrl+G) to make a clipping mask of text layer.

7. Now select the Text layer and Double clicking over it bring up the Layer Style box. Check the Drop Shadow and setting up like shown below.

8. Clicking the Inner Glow and settings the same value i shown below.

9. Lastly apply the stroke of 1px of it with black color.

10. Now After All Our Logo will looks like this.

11. With the help of type tool Enter C,S,3 separate layers.

12. First select layer shown below in this case (3) and Scale up rotate some and adjust it like shown below.

13. Now Rest of (C, S) will adjusted with same technique above scale rotate etc.

14. Select new three layers by holding down (Ctrl) on keyboard. Right clicking any layer and choose Rasterize Type like shown below.

15. With three layers still selected hit (Ctrl + E) to make merge the layer to one.

16. Double click new merge layer to bring up layer style dialog box and choose Pattern Overlay settings it like shown below.

17. Apply some Drop Shadow for setting Drop Shadow see picture below.

18. Apply a stroke of 1px black outside 100 opacity hit ok to apply the effect.

Finally Logo Is Shown This .

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Text Wrap On Object In Adobe

Hi to every one i have to discuss in this tut how to create a text wrap of some object.

Many other software are do that very easy but adobe photoshop is actually a photo editor it self but not very much of text editor but a little bit of trick i will create that effect too.
In The adobe photoshop i will do it some of little trick.

Final Shows the result of what i was cover it.

1. Open up the picture of adobe photoshop cs3.

2. In the picture below i will highlighted the red to selected area of with the help of pen tool and in the option bar path icon will have to selected very easy of it.

3. With the type tool selected lick any where in the path and start to write some text it will write only that area who where is selected. That is really cool.

4. Here is Some Final of creating some color change.

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Text Around An Object In Adobe

Hello every one to our website.

In this new tut i will show you how to add text around a hat.

How to convert it to 3d.

Here is the Final Effect of what of cover this tut.

1. Open up you image where you around your text and draw a Ellipse Tool and in the option bar select the path icon shown below.
Draw a circle like this.

2. Write down some text in the Character palette copy all the setting below shown of

3. Go to the path Palette and click the path on you keyboard ( Ctrl + T ) to bring up the transform selection box appear around the circle then go to the Edit>> Transform>> Distort and pull the left top corner to down and little inside and opposite of lower right corner hit enter to confirm it like shown below see this.

4. When the Distort apply your text should have looking like this.

5. The text layer still selected make sure it is selected first. Then in the lower side of layer palette click the add layer mask icon to add layer mask of text layer.

6. After applying layer mask make sure color black is foreground and white is background then in a little soft brush selected paint out the area like shown red in the picture below. It is hide the text

Final of some extra work of it.

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Picture In Text In Adobe

Many of tut on the internet is available for this kind of tut.

But i try to fully step by step explain how to do that in adobe photo shop cs3.

Here is the final of what of that tut do for you.

1. Open up the image of you enter the text and write the word you have your own mine have to begin learn for my website url. First click toolbar type tool and click the canvas to write some text screen shoot available for your help copy all setting from option bar.

2. Double clicking the background layer to get out of the lock of its front then create a new layer to clicking in lower of the layer palette and setting up like this Fill the new layer with white very top of layer stack is image then text then white layer.

3. with the Upper layer still selected in the layer menu Choose ( Create Clipping Mask) or alternatively in the layer palette right top have a little arrow click it and bring the menu for showing below see it.

4. After apply the clipping mask you should have to similar to this picture you have to notice the layer palette the image have a little arrow pointing the downward it is the clipping mask.

Here is the final Result of our tut.
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Removing Red Eye In Adobe

Here come a new tut of adobe photoshop cs3.

How to remove red eye of your photos very easy way step by step tut in Adobe Photo shop cs3.

First of all see the final of this tut below.

1. In the toolbar select the quick mask tool very bottom of toolbar. Then Brush tool and setting up it like shown below and select the eye both in little brush size selected.

2. Go to the Image>> Adjustment>> Desaturate to get out of the red color of eye.

3. You see the picture of below after clicking mask mode it will bring us the selection inverted.

4. So Select the menu Select>> Inverse to inverse the selection what i want for our eye only.

5. Go to the Image>> adjustments>> Levels (Ctrl + L) to adjust the black and whiteness.

6. Setting up the Levels Dialog box like the screen shoot of below.

Here is the Final Image of the tut that's all done in adobe photoshop cs3.

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Saturate The Bad JPG Image In Adobe

Some time you have download a picture on the Internet jpeg Image its quality is very low.
It is like a compressed image to better view on the browser but how to colorful the jpg image from downloaded on the internet in adobe photoshop cs3.

1. First Open the image in the adobe photoshop cs3 .

2. On your key board Hit ( Ctrl + U ) and the saturation slider all the way right about 84% like shown below and you are notice the image is really a bad saturate how to fix this ok step forward to the next step.

3. Duplicate the layer once ( Ctrl + J ) apply to it Filter>> Noise>> Median apply that filter to it.

4. In the newly created layer still remain selected setting like that shown below.

5. Newly layer still selected hit ( Ctrl + U ) again saturation the image like shown below.

6. Change the Blending mode to (Color) finally.

The Final of our image looks like this it is better for now after saturate.

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