Removing Red Eye In Adobe

Here come a new tut of adobe photoshop cs3.

How to remove red eye of your photos very easy way step by step tut in Adobe Photo shop cs3.

First of all see the final of this tut below.

1. In the toolbar select the quick mask tool very bottom of toolbar. Then Brush tool and setting up it like shown below and select the eye both in little brush size selected.

2. Go to the Image>> Adjustment>> Desaturate to get out of the red color of eye.

3. You see the picture of below after clicking mask mode it will bring us the selection inverted.

4. So Select the menu Select>> Inverse to inverse the selection what i want for our eye only.

5. Go to the Image>> adjustments>> Levels (Ctrl + L) to adjust the black and whiteness.

6. Setting up the Levels Dialog box like the screen shoot of below.

Here is the Final Image of the tut that's all done in adobe photoshop cs3.


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