How to Funny Photo in adobe

In this tut i will show you a Funny Photo Maker Tool in adobe photo shop cs3 it is very beautiful tool in adobe to create funny images many many picture available in the internet so i decide to write a tut how to create them for you own like the shown below right original left modified.

1. First Go to the Filter >> Liquify ( Ctrl + Shift + X ) in the dialog box select the forward wrape tool and brush size round about 25 and pick up the corner of the ear of the photo drag it to right and top a little and bottom of ear is also like the photo shown.

2. Selecting Bloat tool and setting up the size of brush and another option like shown below click over the mouth are chine area and little bit of nose play it to better effect.

3. Select Pucker tool size of brush like shown below the right eye of the photo looking it in one or two clicks and same tool Bloat once more time but this time on the left eye twice.

3. Playing around these tool for experiments to learn these tool i play it for some time and this is the final Funny Photo Effect.


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