Remove Objects In Photo 01

In this tutorial i will explain some useful techniques of the clone stamp tool. How to remove people in the photo like the final image shown below.

1. First of all open up the given picture below copy and paste it adobe photoshop cs3 then start the next step.
2. First clicking the clone stamp tool (S) and like the picture clicking the image holding the alt key on the keyboard it will select the sample area of the photo.

3. Release the alt key and drag over the pic what are of removing in this case the man baby and a dog slowly slowly drag over the jacket of the man it is gone it replace the shirt with green .

4. Continue the same step again and again pickup some more sample area with holding alt key move around your mouse over the object you remove this is the final of some work i have.


Cameron said...

You are great.

Diana said...

In photoshop cs5 it'even more simple. You can select the object you want to remove with pen tool-> make selection-> edit->fill-> and click on content aware

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