Using of Clone Stamp Tool

Hi every one i am today teach you how to use of Clone Stamp Tool in Adobe Photo Shop Cs3.
It is kind of the tool for in adobe photoshop i will use it replacing some area to another selected area in the example of it like i we have a photo of a army man i want to copy the bag of the right side of the body and copy it to bottom of it once like shown.

how to do that first select the Clone stamp tool in the tool bar then holding alt key on the key board clicking the bag once then release the alt key move to you mouse over the area of where of the bag to be copy and hold down the mouse left click it will be clone the are of the bag to there like shown in the upper image.

Last thing is to select in the option bar the smooth brush and opacity is 100% flow is 100% and check also the align button it is most important in this exercise ok we have done all the option for our clone stamp tool setting for cloning purposes.

I think i lot of cover of how to use of clone stamp tool.


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