Puzzle Photo Effect in adobe

In this tut i will show the quickly way to add a puzzle effect in your photos in adobe photo shop cs3 like that in the pic below.

Here is the Final Effect of what we have to learn of this tut.

lets start.

1. Open up the original image in photo shop cs3 here is the original image copy it and open it.

2. In this case open up the Filter>> Texture>> Texturizer click it to open setting dialog box.

3. In this dialog box click first in the little arrow next to texture drop down a little menu appear to left of the arrow ( Load Texture ) click it this will also open a dialog called Load Texture newly appear box first go to your adobe install director go to adobe cs3 folder in the presets choose texture and click the ( Puzzle.psd ) like shown below to open it.

4. Then do for these settings scaling 100% Relief to 15 the light drop down choose Top Right uncheck the Invert hit ok to ok the effect setting see pic

5. Here is the Final Effect of puzzle in adobe photoshop cs3.

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