Straighten The Photo In adobe

In Some cases the photographer take the picture in his cameras but it does not have to straighten well the angle of the image should not have better.
How to straighten it.
The adobe photo shop cs3 is better handling it.

See The Final of before after.

1. First Select the toolbar Ruler Tool like shown below.

2. Select it right to left first clicking once in the right side of it then do not release the mouse left click drag it to left side of the sea looking screen shoot below.

3. Go to the Image >> Rotate Canvas >> Arbitrary.

4. The Rotate Canvas dialog box appear it will automatically guess the angle of the selected ruler line for us hit ok to confirm it.

5. In the Toolbar select the Rectangle marque tool and draw a box on the canvas like shown below .

6. Go to the Image menu Selecting ( Crop ) to crop the selected area .

The Final is shown below .


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