Color Sketch Photo Effect in adobe

In this tut we will show you how to turn an photo to color sketch in adobe photo shop cs3. I will show you the all steps involve this kind of effect Final Result is shown below.

Final Result After this tut end.

1. First open up the photo then in the layer palette right click the background layer choose duplicate the layer or press keyboard ( Ctrl + J ) either way.

2. Go to the Image >> Adjustments >> Desaturate ( Shift + Ctrl + U ) it will turn the duplicated layer into the black and white.

3. Go to the Filter >> Others >> High Pass the value of ( 4.0 ) will be batter like the photo shown below adjust it until you are happy about like that photo.

4. On you keyboard hitting ( Ctrl + L ) it will pop's up the levels dialog box adjust it until you look the photo like a sketch. See the image below

5. Down the opacity of the top layer about ( 50 to 60 ) near it and also change its blending mode normal to Overlay. The Photo looks like below

6. Select the bottom layer apply the cutout filter to it Go to Filter >> Artistic >> Cut Out in the cutout dialog box choose drop down menu Cut out ( Number of levels - 7 , Edgy Simplicity - 0 , Edge Fidelity - 3 ) it looks something that

7. Apply the noise filter in this case go to the ( Filter >> Add Noise Amount to 5 click the Gaussian and checked the Monochromatic ) like shown below.

8. Add some motion blur in that case go to the ( Filter >> Blur >> Motion Blur Angle to 45 Distance to ( 10 - 15 ).

9. A little bit of sharping in the best of the photo so Go to the Filter>> Sharpen >> Sharpen repeat it twice for better sharpen area.

Here is the original .

Here is the Final photo After the Effects are apply of it.


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