Thermal Photo Effect In Adobe

First you see the image before after it is the effect like the burn image thermal effect in this tut i will show you the way of creating that effect in adobe photo shop cs3.

Final Result of Before After image after that tut complete you learn this fun too.

1. Apply the background image hue saturation (Ctrl + u) and apply this setting.

2. Duplicate the background image and apply the Gaussian Blur Filter (amount 1.6) and changing the image mode to (overlay) and merge down the image (Ctrl + E).
3. Apply everything in step 2 but this time replace Gaussian Blur to (Motion Blur) Angle to 90 and the Distance 55 and change the blending mode to (Overlay). Now you have the image like shown below.

4. Create a new layer with white fill and set its blending mode to ( Difference ).
5. Duplicate the background image and adjust it in between white layer and the background layer set blending mode to (pin light) looking below for settings.

That all the tut i hope you enjoy this.


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