Curved Text Effect In Adobe

Hello to Every body, In this tut the many users have to search around that effect like these words, How to Curve Text in Photoshop, Photoshop Curved Text, Curved Text In photoshop, How to rotate text in photoshop cs3. So i decided to write this kind of tut how to curve around text effect in adobe photo shop Cs3 only.

This is the Final of i Created.

1. First Create a new Canvas like ( 500 x 300 - 72px).
2. Then in the toolbar select the circle shape tool in the tools option in the top of adobe photoshop select Shape icon then with the black color selected and draw a Circle in the middle of canvas like the picture below.

3. Then in the toolbar select the type tool and setting up it like the picture below.
4. Drag over the mouse over the edge of the circle shape path it will change the curve see closely like the below.

5. Then you click over the shape circle edge the blinking cursor will appear ok start typing like mine A quick brown fox jump over the lazy dog.
6. Watch Closely the where you start typing its a little circle and cross appear like shown below.

7. First double clicking shape layer color icon to change its color black to white. Then Click some where in the text. Then the circle and cross icon appear hold down the ( Ctrl ) key on the key board drag the circle all over the down side it will set up the display of text you enter it limit out the text you wrote and the cross icon will adjust the starting point of text like shown below.

8. In the Next Step i will show you a trick how to text in side of the circle first select the type layer in the layer palette then bring up that menu from Window >> Character like shown of bottom picture left side. Setting the Baseline about to -20 it should bring it in the circle greet.

The finally i write out some more text with the method above and add some fox picture of it the final result will shown below.


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