Remove Objects in Photo 02

Hi to everyone for readers i cam up the second part of the removing objects from the photos in this exercise i will pick up a kitchen photo and removing some object point out i only mention red and light green circle around who object to be removed but in this case i have only remove the red area in this tut and the rest of area pointing green circle i remove it my self not the step show of this process. ok lets start first red area.

1. opening the below picture in the right clicking it and copy image then open up the adobe photoshop cs3 New canvas it will automatically select the clipboard size just hit ok and past it in the canvas.2. In the next step zoom the window area select the clone stamp tool in the tool bar then in the option bar select the soft brush tool opacity 100% flow 100% check the align checkbox like shown below.

3. In the next hold down the alt key then click the white area of the photo like shown below. I point it out in the circle.

4. Then release the alt key on the key board drag the mouse area of i remove and hold down the mouse left click and drag up down once clicking but dont releases the left button like shown below.

5. Now watch it our some extra work like this image below the window looks like that is empty like there is nothing here any more.

6. Here is the final image of removing red and green circle objects after removing the final is shown below.


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